Why Unmarried Couples Need Estate Planning the Most

If you have ever watched Judge Judy on TV, you may have heard the iconic judge tell couples who have been living together “without the benefit of marriage” that courts are not designed to handle the legal ramifications of “setting up shop” together. Yet it is happening more and more. For many reasons, older couples

Why Advance Directives are Essential: NHDD

Next week (Tuesday the 16th) is National Healthcare Decisions Day (NHDD). Why is such a day necessary or even important you might be thinking? According to a 2003 article by the US Agency for Healthcare Research and Study: Less than 50 percent of the severely or terminally ill patients studied had an advance directive in their medical

Beyond the Dorm: Essentials for College Bound Teens

Have you heard about our event: Beyond the Dorm: Essentials for College Bound Teens? You may be wondering why an state planning attorney is hosting an event about teenagers. Each Summer, thousands of kids in the Valley graduate from high school and plan to head off to college or trade school in the Fall. Facebook