Three Documents Your 18-Year-Old Needs, 2020 Edition

Spring Break is almost upon us. Here in Arizona, as kids turn 18, they are considered adults and parents don’t have the same legal authority to make choices for them any longer. If your 18 year old is temporarily or permanently unable to make choices (due to an illness or injury), no one would be

Should You Keep Your Estate Documents in a Safe Deposit Box?

So you finally met with an attorney and finished your estate planning documents. Congratulations! Now, what do you do with these important papers? Clients often ask me if a safe deposit box is the best spot to store them. Well, it depends. Arizona law says that when it appears a safe deposit box may contain

Did You Know: Beneficiary Forms Override Estate Planning Docs

UPDATED on 10-7-2019 Did you know that any beneficiary forms you sign with a bank or other institution will override your carefully thought out, perfectly crafted estate planning docs? Generally, most companies have a benefit renewal period every 6-12 months. MANY start this process now in November. But whether you do it at work, with